Super Speedy Saturday Dinner

Super Speedy Saturday Dinner

Weekends seem to be the time to be cooking leisurely, trying out recipes that could take hours to cook up for a lot of people. However I find myself rushing around even more than weekdays during weekend, simply because we tend to go out a lot, and when we get back home it’s either too late or we’re (I’m) too tired to cook a big meal. So today I came up with this:

Speedy dinner

It’s Carribean chicken with sautéed spicy potatoes, sweetcorn and beans. Not only is this super healthy but also super quick! The sweetcorn, beans and potatoes are all from our allotment. So no costs for those.

I’ve got a pack of Tan Rosie’s Carribean Rub sent through my door just yesterday, so I decided to give it a go. On the packet it says to marinade over night. But I’m never an organised person so I just marinated it, left it to mingle and got on with my potatoes and veg, I’d say it had about 15 minutes of marinating and that was surprisingly good. You just have to pour some olive oil on the chicken, sprinkle some of the rub and hmm… rub.

Tan Rosie

For my sautéed potatoes, I cut them in about 1.5cm cubes, boiled for 5 minutes. Meanwhile I finely chopped a shallot, fried with olive oil for 3 minutes, added a teaspoon of cumin powder and a teaspoon of paprika, a tiny bit of cayenne pepper, then added the boiled potatoes, season with plenty of pepper and some salt, et voila it’s done!!

This rub is very good with chicken, I think it will also go well with lamb and beef. It can also be added to potatoes to make spicy potato wedges. The possibilities are endless, it definitely speed things up if time is not on your side. More time to enjoy your weekend! x

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