Real Food Festival 2011

Real Food Festival 2011

The Real Food Festival that I’ve been raving about for quite a while finally finished! James, Emma, little Ash and I went down on Sunday to indulge ourselves in what seemed to be an endless wave of brownies, ice cream, wine, cheese and lots of specialists yummy products.

We were greeted by a gang of buffalos at the entrance, which immediately had a very positive effect on Ashleigh. He stomped his feet in excitement and just will not leave the pen for ages! (Until I murmured the word buffalo ice cream in his ears). Apart from buffalo ice cream, buffalo milk, they also produce ale! Check out their website here.

Ashleigh downing his buffalo milk…

There were absolutely countless stalls of very yummy food everywhere, and I wish I had more time to talk to individual stall owners. Look!

There wes a sheep demonstration which was very interesting, we tried to sit Ashleigh down and watch, however he was too tired and he just want to go right up to the sheep and touch them. He ended up screaming the place down so we had to move him away… and we started buying more and more and more things…

Olive oil:

All sort of lovely looking vinegar (and they taste absolutely beautiful!!):

We got talking to the stall owner, he is very passionate about his product and so he should!! Please visit their website here. Fruit vinegar is very popular in south east asia, and it’s considered a healthy drink. Although the fruit vinegar from Womersley is certainly not for drinking directly (they are not the diluted type I came across in Hong Kong), I imagine they would be absolutely gorgeous with salad, or to be used in a glaze. Marinating would be good too!

I also bought a roll of fig conserve, which is very nice with cheese, although I am starting to eat it on its own. It’s from Supercherry and their cherry wine is to die for.

Another amazing product we bought was Mr Vikki’s‘s very very delicious chutney. We bought a jar of Tomato and Nigella Chutney and it is heavenly on cheese, in sandwich, on crackers, or anything!!!!

We also bought some cheese, and just have a look at these amazing layout:

When we unpacked all the goodies we bought, we were sooooooo excited!

And this is our dinner that evening, everything were bought from the brilliant Real Food Festival:

Can’t wait till another great food show… I have BBC Good Food Show in mind now!

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  • Another fantastic blog post Miss Ko! The RFF was such a fantastic day out – I’d recommend it to any food lover. Bring on the Good Food Show!

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