Children in Need Cupcakes

Children in Need Cupcakes

So I said I’d bake some cakes for Children In Need cake sale at work! And Thursday comes, mild panic set in as I was dreading to produce bear cakes like

Anyway I made myself a tea and set to work, it is fiddly but actually very easy to make. They turned out alright!

First you need a batch of plain cupcakes:

Then you need to cut out the face and the ears with whatever you have on hand:

Gently smooth them over your cupcakes, the dome shape makes a perfect bear face!

Next stage is the bandage. You can of course free hand it, but I like uniformity. So using the round cutters that I used to cut out heads and ears, I drew the outline on a piece of paper, then drew the bandage and cut that out.

You then cut out the bandages: (try not to roll out white icing on where you rolled out yellow icing, colour runs you know!)

I drew the faces with black icing pen, but you can also roll out icing if you like. You can also give them different faces! But I’m obsessed with a uniform batch…

Now the dots! There are many ways to do this, you can paint it with food colouring, use icing pen, or do it the hardest way: (roll out icing, cut out tiny dots like a straw and stick them on – super fiddly)

And my uniform batch!

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