Earl Grey Cupcakes, celebration for the twins :)

Earl Grey Cupcakes, celebration for the twins :)

Not passing on any excuses to make cakes, I spotted the perfect chance as tomorrow my project manager will be back from his paternity leave, so to celebrate the twins finally came home, I’ll just have to go all out and prepare some pretty cakes!

I love making cupcakes but to be honest I don’t particularly enjoy eating more than 2 of them, so everytime I make a batch, I have to take it into work and hope they will disappear. So at first I was considering chocolate cupcakes, because surely, everyone loves chocolate cupcakes. But then I spotted Earl Grey cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery! I love tea and so I just have to have a go! The recipe comes from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days. I didn’t buy the book, but I bought the app and it has videos to show you the signature hummingbird swirl…. which as you can see I didn’t replicate that very well… haha.


8 thoughts on “Earl Grey Cupcakes, celebration for the twins :)”

  • Yes – I tried them and they are yum. I would just make butter icing next time, though, as this was way too sweet for my liking.

  • i am reading and preparing to do this recipe however i found a mistake if i m not wrong. in your recipe state that is 3 tbsp of boiling hot water to 3 tea bags of tea leaves. how is it possible to squeeze out every thing when all the tea leaves are not infuse

  • Kelvin: I checked the recipe and it’s not a typo, I put 3 tea bags in a cup and poured 3 tablespoons of hot water in, leave for a bit and you get a very very strong tea. Let me know how you get on!

  • Lisa, you’ll definitely be able to make 12 and have some left for a few more, so anywhere between 12-16 🙂

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