Sweetcorn Fritters – Saturday Quick Lunch

Sweetcorn Fritters – Saturday Quick Lunch

This is my first proper post after Bite ‘n’ Write, and this time last week I was still in an adrenaline haze being the host of our first food blogger event… now it does seem like a while ago! I will have a write up about it I promise…

That’s why this saturday is all about chilling out and doing nothing. And J gets to get his much needed haircut! He very kindly took Ash with him so I can have a shower and get ready for the day. I was sooo tired today it’s untrue. I was determined to cook them something nice for lunch, but I couldn’t think of anything and the fridge was bare… I opened the cupboard and those tins of sweetcorns were literally glaring at me in the face. 🙂

My Saturday Lunch

So presto! Sweetcorn fritters it is!


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