New Year Curry

It’s been a tough few days for us since we’re potty training Ashleigh… he seems to be doing very well first day, calling out potty when he feels the need. But second day he started getting this mental block, he was scared to go for his potty and wouldn’t sit down… arrgh it’s very draining!

So for our new year healthy regime, we’re having a curry… hehe. Doesn’t sound right I know, and that’s because I don’t believe in eating cabbages and carrots in January. So yum yum curry it is for us.

The recipe is taken from Madhur Jaffrey’s Foolproof Indian Cookery. This is a very lovely book which includes many easy and authentic Indian currys. I reduced the cayenne pepper by 1/3 since I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath in Ashleigh’s nappies, but even so I think I couldn’t handle hotter! James, of course, wishes it was hotter.

It’s served with basmati rice and naan, I’ve put some cream in Ashleigh’s and he loved it! (He’s been eating curry at a very young age! hehe) While I’m here I thought I’ll show you what we had last night, which was absolutely lovely on a wintery night. And also it’s another one of Ashleigh’s favourite because it has tomatoes in it!

Sausage and beans casserole
Sausage and beans casserole

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