Ice-Cream Donut

Ice-Cream Donut

When I was asked to come up with an ice-cream recipe (not making it, but using ready made ones), I was so full of ideas and I surprised myself of all kinds of arteries clogging inventions I dreamt up. I think everyone needs an ultimate indulgence once in a while. To call this recipe is a bit embarrassing, as it’s only assembling really.

So first thing… you’ll need to decide on an ice cream that has enough character to be placed in a glazed donut. I chose salted caramel and Belgium chocolate from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range. The chocolate bits inside also adds to the texture which I think it’s brilliant.

For my donut, I got myself a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed, just because they are light, not too stodgy and looked so perfect! If this is not indulgent enough for you, you can then drizzle some chocolate sauce on top!

You then simply slice the donut in half:

Then scoop on a generous dollop of ice-cream:

If this doesn’t look satisfying for you…

Feel free to melt some chocolate with equal amount of double cream, and drizzle on!

And tug in. 😉

** This post is sponsored by Sainsbury’s, **

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