Choo choo cake!

It was Master Ashleigh’s 2nd Birthday yesterday, and we had a little party at home. Due to the size of our house, we couldn’t invite everyone we know to the party, but that’s probably a good thing as I don’t think I can make more sandwiches and cakes on Friday night and Saturday morning…

Friday night I made the choo choo train cake and the christmas pudding muffins (yes I still need to finish that monstrous christmas pudding!) Made all the coloured icing to go on the cake, and James did the decorating. That was solid 3 hours work after a work day… I can only say my back hurts afterwards.

It’s a banana cake and the recipe is taken from here. It’s a very moist cake and all the kids (and adults) loved it! Ashleigh almost ate a whole carriage…

I forgot to take pictures of my neatly displayed sandwiches because they were only sandwiches, but actually they went down really well in the party, I guess finger food is always the best.

We all had such a fantastic day, I’m so glad I decided to throw Ashleigh a party, the kids were all playing and adults mingling, oooh it was soooo lovely I’m thinking of doing a Chinese New Year party like last year! Should I? Should I? I’ve also got a menu in my head too! Different types of sweet dumplings and of course… the duck pancake! Oh and Chinese steamed sponge cake! I basically want to have a party because I want to make lots of food, haha that’s so lame.

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