Beckworth Emporium & Sywell Aviation Museum

Beckworth Emporium & Sywell Aviation Museum

It’s the weekend! As per usual we have to come up with some sort of entertaining schedule for the little rebel… so today, we went to Sywell Aviation Museum and Beckworth Emporium, a garden centre not far away.

We saw some helicopters hovering around…

Beckworth Emporium, is an up-market “garden centre” with a nice posh cafe/bistro and also a farm shop, selling all sort of lovely good looking, handcrafted goods. They sell things like:

Local Beer

More local beer

Nettle Wine…

We also saw some homemade frozen meal for 4 people for about £20… and I think, gosh, who’s going to spend £20 on some frozen pasta? I know it’s homemade, and I’m sure it’s going to be very nice, but I really can’t justify the cost…

Anyway, mainly we came for lunch because I was very keen to sit in that big conservatory and have a nice, lovely lunch made with local produce. So here I am:

The lunch was nice, however, I asked if we could sit at a bigger table with an umbrella for some shade, the lady very politely said she understands, but those are for a bigger group of people. So we said ok, and moved to another small table in a shade. But not along after that, a group of three people sat down at the table where I wanted to sit, and they were only ordering teas. The 3 of us, with 3 drinks and 3 plates of food were cramped on the little table, juggling our cutleries with Ash occasionally throwing food at us. I think at that point I made up my mind about the place… It’s nice, but I don’t think I’ll be back again in a hurry.

Either way, we did have a good time and I think I’ll be going to the proper farm shop near Pitsford next time! Maybe tomorrow! x

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