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Yum Cha! (Eating lots of Dim Sum)

Yum Cha! (Eating lots of Dim Sum)

Let’s go to Yum Cha (??)!! Oh everytime I say this, I then have to explain what it is and usually I’d end up saying something like “Oh nevermind, let’s just go and eat a lot of yummy Chinese things for lunch!”

So literally, yum means drink, and cha means tea (as in a cup of charlie in english! I believe this is from Chinese). So Yum Cha means drink tea. But of course, I’m not gonna get all bouncy bum about drinking tea. Yum Cha, in Hong Kong (and southern China I think), means going to have Dim Sum, normally in the morning. And that, leads to another question, what’s Dim Sum?

Well they are little dishes, a bit like tapas. You can order a lot of different things, http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/kamagra_oral_jelly_brand.html each comes with a little bamboo basket freshly steamed, normally containing 3 or 4 pieces for sharing. Like this:

Nommy nice...

However Ashleigh’s favourite is prawn crackers… now these are NOT what you should have when you go Yum Cha, but the waitress knows Ashleigh better to give him garlic squid on a bed of glass noodle…

We didn’t order a lot that day as James went for a run beforehand, so we ordered Siu Mai, Garlic squid, and a big dish of seafood fried Ho Fan (flat rice noodles). Next time when I go crazy on Dim Sum I should post more pics…

So DO NOT say no when I asked you to go yum cha next time 🙂 You don’t know what you’re missing x

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