Tomberries (conberries?)

Tomberries (conberries?)

Just having a fridge clear out, throwing the odd wiltering cucumber, limb salad leaves away when I saw this:

Yes they are called Tomberries, although I’m not sure if it is a proper name… probably like Munchkins (small pumpkins) that nobody knows what it is when you say it, and when you explain it all starts to make sense.

Anyway, I bought these from Sainsburys in the hope that this will hoax Ashleigh into eating tomatoes. He loves eating tiny round ball-shaped things (which is a hazard in itself obviously…), and blueberry is his favourite. So when I saw these little red jewel like balls, I thought, hey I won’t tell him it’s tomatoes, I’ll tell him it’s blueberry’s friends. Well, he looked at them suspiciously, popped one into his mouth, chewed, and promptly spat it out. Then he handed the bowl full of these little conberries (named by James) back to me and announced, “Don’t like it, mummy”.

I suppose there’s no disguising the taste of raw tomatoes… and if he’s anything like James, he probably won’t be eating raw tomatoes till he’s 30… But this tomberries story is gonna stay till I meet his gf (or bf? just to be political correct in case that happens? lol), mwahahaa along with many other embarrassing stories.

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  • tomberries are so good ,very sweet, very moreish, to folks that haven’t seen or tasted before they can’t believe that they are tomatoes, I buy from my favourite place –yes they are pricey but well worth it

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