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Hotel Chocolat – Easter egg!!

Easter is fast approaching and I’m lucky enough to receive a looovely easter egg from Hotel Chocolat to try. Here it is:

It came in a firm cardboard box so the box itself is in excellent condition, tied with a black bow it will really make an impression present. I was going to take a photo myself but I don’t think I could’ve done a better job than the picture above!

Normal easter eggs are quite thin-shelled, they can look quite big and still be eaten fairly quickly. Not this baby. Its thick shell will literally break your teeth… I gave the whole half (the milk chocolate half, I’m saving the dark chocolate half for myself) to Ashleigh, he couldn’t even make a dent… he ended up shaving the shell with his teeth! We had to break it up with hands. It lasts http://www.buyambienmed.com/ambien-comparison/ forever!

Apart from the chocolate egg itself, there’re 12 scrummy truffles inside, ALL alcoholic!!! There are Champagne, Pink champagne, Mojito, White port, Vodka and Amaretto (two of each). I think my favourite is Pink champagne, it has a very nice creamy champagne centre with a pink “shell” which is strawberry flavoured. James had the mojito one and he choked… haha. I had a lick and I nearly choked too, despite being a bit too strong for my taste, it does have a very refreshing mint flavour like a real mojito! I’m not sure if the mint choked me or the rum…

All in all it is a very elegant looking box of easter egg, filled with high quality chocolate. I think it does justify the £26 price tag, especially if you want to treat someone this easter! 🙂

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