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Dominos Pizza Challenge

Dominos Pizza Challenge

I have a confession to make… I have never ordered a dominos pizza. Not even in my student days. So when I was offered the opportunity to review their new gourmet pizza range, I actually had very little idea what their current range is. Anyway, when there’re free pizzas around you need people to share with. So I decided to invite our friends round for a Friday night pizza feast!

Let’s see what we ordered:

From the gourmet range, we ordered Four Seasons and Rustica, as well as from the classic range Ham & Pineapple and Meateor. (You know who chose these… not me obviously) So 4 enormous pizzas, and there were only 4 adults and 2 toddlers! Not forgetting we also ordered sides like garlic bread, chicken wings, etc. So, what’s the comparison?

We placed our order at about 6 and it came in under 40 minutes time. Also because we ordered online, you can also see your order going through different stages – Baking and delivering. We were amused and joked about the chef having to change status to baking before it goes into the oven. This part I was quite impressed.
When we have our homemade pizza at home, normally I would’ve set my bread machine to do the dough, it takes about 3 minutes to put all the ingredients in, then you wait for an hour or so, and you’re ready to put your toppings on. Then it takes around 12 to 14 minutes to bake. So really, if you made the dough ahead, it will take you less than 40 minutes to have a fresh from the oven pizza.

The 4 pizzas are nice as far as pizza deliveries go, and I have to say their gourmet range has got a nice thin crust which I like. However, I’d say homemade pizza beats them hands down. We live quite close to town so it should’ve only taken them about 10 minutes to get here. But a hot pizza sitting in a cardboard box is always going to end up with a soggy bottom. So our pizzas are a bit limp when you hold it by the crust. To be fair I think http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/migraine/ most of the time our homemade pizza would have disappeared within 10 minutes…

A close up for Rustica

The order came to a total of £63.96. And we did get A LOT of food. Obviously when I cook a homemade pizza we wouldn’t have so much food, so I’m going to compare with the cost of 1 pizza. One pizza (collected) will set you back about £10 and they also have all sorts of deals. When I make my pizza I normally use tomato paste, salami, onions and peppers, which costs about £5 and I’ll have lots of leftover for a stir fry the next day.

Obviously, it’s very easy to just order online (you don’t even have to speak to any human! If you’re such a social recluse like us!) So Dominos wins miles because you don’t have to first make dough, then bake it yourself. Although it’s actually not that hard…

And a final remark is that when the delivery arrived, we opened the boxes and I said “Pizza!” to Ash, he looked in disappointment and said “But I want to make my own pizza…” and walked away. So I guess this is a big big thing for us. To Ashleigh, having pizza is not just having a meal, it was the making of the dough, the spreading tomato sauce all over it, the sprinkling (and eating at the same time) of ingredients on top, and the antisipation as you stare into the oven and watch the cheese melt.

Pizza made with Love

I think Dominos definitely has its market and in all honesty the food was delivered on time, delivery guy was very nice, food all arrived in one piece and hot, and that it meets all the expectations that you can have for a takeout. Most of all, it was a night enjoyed by all as nobody had to cook and washing up was minimal (apart from wine classes!), and a very good social gathering. So thank you Dominos for offering me an experience I never had! If you want to order pizza online, give them a try.

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