Cheese Rolls (Tiger Rolls)

Cheese Rolls (Tiger Rolls)

Our daily bread is 90% a simple white loaf from our bread machine (shame face). But once in a while, I sort of feel like I should be more creative with my bread, so I’d spend ages trawling through books to find a fancy recipe, drool over it and decides it’s too hard for me.

But many months ago, I decided to be truly creative and just made a basic white loaf dough (by the bread machine, of course), proof it, knock back, shape it into rolls, egg wash them, sprinkle cheese on top, et voila! These babies are born:

Since then I’ve been making cheesy rolls when I feel like it (normally when I have loads of cheese in the fridge needs using up). It is quick, very yummy and makes a perfect lunch.


Hmm… and they look lovely in my bread basket too! I should be having them with ham, slice of emmental, chilli jam and salad! x 🙂

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