Butterless Chocolate Brownies

Butterless Chocolate Brownies

Nothing beats a proper, dense and chocolaty brownie, however I do have a figure to keep (snigger)… I think I can do with a relatively low(er) fat brownie recipe. This recipe is taken from BBC Good Food website and it’s by Angela Nilsen. It contains no butter but mayonnaise for replacement. Now, before you gasp with a “what the…”, I urge you to keep an open mind. You will NOT taste the mayonnaise in your brownies and I suppose it just gives them the moist texture.

Look! It’s even got the cracked brownie top! Here’s how to do it:


So there you are. And again, I’m not saying this is healthy (far from it), or contains zero percent fat. Just remember you are indeed looking at a cake recipe. Enjoy! (with moderation!)

2 thoughts on “Butterless Chocolate Brownies”

  • surely the butter would be healthier than the mayo??? all that oil? or just use a mild oil instead there must be better ways to do it!

  • Hi, if we compare the same amount of butter and mayo, mayo is less fattening than butter. Healthier or not I’m not going to go into details, so I can only comment on the calories respective. 100g of butter contains roughly 730 calories, whereas Hellman’s light mayo contains 270 calories. I’m always on the hunt for tasty healthy brownies 🙂 let me know if you found one! x

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