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Bipin’s Masala

Bipin’s Masala

A few days ago I received a sample of Bipin’s Masala. I have to say we have curry quite often and I always use the recipes from Madhur Jaffrey’s cookbook. I dislike the jars that sell in supermarkets, mainly because they’re too runny and saucy, and to stablise that sauce they put in lots of preservatives in it. And I don’t like that.

Anyway back to the package I received. It arrived neatly with a few leaflets detailing cooking instructions and introduction to the product:

I’m not very good at following instructions (mainly because I think I know better… haha), instructions said to use 600g of meat, well… I just used 2 chicken breast fillets plus the big bunch of whole spinach I got from the market today. It is very, very easy to use, and as soon as the spice got heat up in the pan, James asked “What’s http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/accutane_generic.html that, smells authentic!” And honestly, you have to smell it to appreciate it.

I’ve put in a dash of yoghurt before dishing up, just to loosen it a bit so I can sauce Ash’s rice up. He looooved it! Yummy, ho mai (delicious in Cantonese), tasty was the exact words he used. And yes James and I think it is truly good too. Definitely better than your standard Pataks curry paste (I’m not talking about their curry sauce ‘cos it’s pants).

I’m not saying it’s good just because it’s been sent through my door for free, it is seriously good stuff, no preservatives, no yucky things you find in factory produced products, it’s handmade, and you can taste the difference. So please, try it, if you use prawns you can have a prawn curry in 5 minutes! Go to Bipin’s now to check it out, and ORDER IT!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Bipin’s Masala”

  • Hi Annie, …it brings me great pleasure that one of my masala creations went down exceptionally with your children. …..you must have cooked it to perfection. …well done and thank you ever so much for trying out my fresh masala. …will have to send you another one soon, …been working on a “no heat” version with all the big Authentic Indian flavours. ….a few people have tried out and so far 100% success. ..I’d classify it in the Korma category but its “not a korma!” ….all the best. Bipin

  • Bipin,
    Oh brilliant!!! Too often when I say I like spiced food, people think I can put 3 raw chillies in my mouth. I’d love to prove to James that food doesn’t have to be spicy to be tasty! Can’t wait x

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