Angled Gourd – Eating Loofah?

Angled Gourd – Eating Loofah?

I was sooo looking forward to having those angled gourd I bought the other day… It must’ve been over 7 years since I last had them. I was going to do a beef stir fry, however due to Ashleigh being all silly and wouldn’t go to the shop for beef with me, so I made do with eggs and did a soup instead.

Angled gourd, is actually a loofah. The ones you use to scrub your back is a very old, dried angled gourd. So you should’ve guessed (well I hope you have… it’s pretty obvious) that the number one criteria of a good edible angled gourd is that it is young. Unless you like to serve your dish with a soap… So here it is:

And you have to peel it before cooking. Not getting rid of the skin entirely, as you’ll be left with nothing after you cooked it. It needs some skin attached to it, so just peel off the “angles”. And you’ll end up with something like this:

Then you can chop it in big chunks. I quickly stir fried them with ginger, a bit of rice wine and soy sauce, then add water and let it simmer. After about 20 minutes they should be all soft, and I just stirred in 2 eggs. That’s it! It’s very simple and these gourds has got a subtly sweet flavour. It is a lovely dish for summer when you feel like you don’t want to eat any thing!

However knowing James might not like it as much as I do, I also did a quick chicken stir fry… 😀 well in the end he liked it and so did Ashleigh so I’m glad!

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